About Mobile Meeting

Mobile Meeting gives your free conference calls in 55 countries, and makes it easy and cheap to make telephone Meetings, also known as teleconferences.

Free :Mobile Meeting is a free service. Each participant only pay their own usual for calling a number in Denmark or one of the 55 other countries with dial-in numbers.

Simple : All you need is a normal mobile or landline phone. You need not register, reserve or install anything to get started. You just call your local access number (inside Denmark 08 21 61 21 61), and start the meeting immediately.

Secure : The eight-digit code you choose for your call is just one of 100 million codes to choose from. It provides assurance that your meeting is private.

Great sound : Our technology is optimized for voice, so the sound quality is top notch. Everyone can speak simultaneously and there can be up to 92 participants in a meeting!

International : You can call any of our 55 local access numbers around the world. If you are outside Denmark you can also dial in to +45 78 77 22 77, whereby the participant from abroad pay their normal rate from origin to a call in Denmark (you can only call the Danish number 0821 61 21 61 if you have a danish mobile subscription or land line).

How to conduct a meeting?
• When inviting to a meeting, simply arrange a time and a code with the participants. The code can be of any choice, it just needs to be of eight digits (eg 11112222). The code should be unique and can, for example, be a phone number or a secret code that only you know. With 100 million possibilities there is enough to choose from. You can use the same code again and again. The code should not be recorded anywhere.

• The time of the meeting and the code is used when inviting to the meeting. You can, for example, invite by sending SMS, email or calendar invitation, or arrange a time and code verbally or via telephone. It is quite simple. You need not register or reserve meeting, code or participants.

• Participants are calling simply by entering the local access number or 08 21 61 21 61 on their handset at the time agreed and enter the agreed code when prompted. Once you begin to hear the greeting, you can enter the agreed code. After pressing the eighth digit code, the conference is immediately established. If you enter the wrong code, simply hang up and dial again. Are you the first participant, you hear the message “You are the first participant in the meeting, please wait”. Just wait for the other callers. A high pitch sound will be played back when a new participant connects to the meeting, and a falling signal sounds every time someone leaves the meeting.

• Now conduct the meeting by telephone. You leave the meeting by hanging up the phone. Good luck with the meeting – and your saved time and money!

How is it possible that it’s free?
We have developed this free service to demonstrate our technology and market our solutions in apps and communication solutions. You will regularly be able to read more about new services on this site. Our basic services as described will always be free. We also made the service because we think a good, simple and free solution for conference calls is important for the environment and cooperation in a broad sense.

It’s about time and money. Here is what users of the Mobile Meeting platform tells us about the benefits:
• You no longer have to postponing meetings until everyone arrived in the same room. When the meeting is done quicker, everyone can move on to do the stuff the meeting is about.

• Many people uses the Mobile Meeting for the regular daily or frequent updates to management teams, project groups, teams or associations. When everyone is up to date, and agree on the important issues, work becomes more efficient – and more fun.

• Flexibility allows participants to be more happy and less stressful.

• No travel time and no travel costs becomes big savings

• Mobile Meeting tends to start on time and finish faster – I often become more focused on results

• Mobile Meeting is far easier and cheaper than alternatives.

• We can use your service number again because, I have to admit, sound quality was excellent.

Please contact us if you have any questions, requests or suggestions for collaboration