Mobile Meeting
Your free and easy international conference service

Simply arrange a time and a self-elected eight digit code with the participants – eg. your phone number. You need not register or reserve meeting, code or participants.

Participants from outside Denmark dial any of our local access numbers or +45 78 77 22 77 at the agreed time and enter the agreed code. Dial 90 92 02 02 inside Denmark. After entering the last digit of the code the conference is established.

The meeting starts. You will hear a beep tone when a new participant connects to the meeting, and a falling signal every time someone leaves the meeting. You leave the meeting by hanging up. Enjoy your meetings and saving time and money!


Here’s how to get unlimited reservation less audio conferencing with no signup, no registration and no


If you are calling from a French mobile or landline subscription, please call 90 92 02 02 and enter any 8-digit meeting code.

If you are calling from outside France not using a French mobile or fixed line, please check for free call access numbers in more than 50 countries.